Siannan has a great intuition for releasing tension and I'm sure I'll return again soon.
-Susan W.

When it comes to massage I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed. It is an addiction, a hobby, and a lifestyle for me. Siannan (pronounced Shannon) is my favorite masseuse ever. I have been working with Siannan for 6 months now and every time I leave her I am begging for more. Also, the prices are very reasonable for massage in the city.

She is intuitive and very well educated. She always knows what is going on in my life through my body. She is a healer. She listens to what you want and uses the right pressure. She also has a great selection of music (always a plus, especially when that ambiance music you usually hear wears on you).

Her arm work is absolutely to die for! I don't know what she does but it is drool worthy. She uses varying techniques so that the massage never gets boring. Another plus is that a 60 minute massage is actually a 60 minute massage. (most spas and salons advertise a 60 minute massage but really give you a 50 minute massage). With Siannan, the clock starts when she starts. I usually go for the 90 minute massage and sometimes the 2 hour because she is that good!!

She makes you feel comfortable and you leave the place with a greater inner understanding than you came in with. It is a spiritual experience and one that keeps me coming back for more!

I heart Siannan!! Seriously go to her. You will never go back!
-Stephanie F.

Siannan is without question the best massage therapist I have ever had, and that goes back 20 years. She is much more of a Physical Therapist, in that she has a vast knowledge of anatomy and how muscles work together, so that she can pinpoint problems and delve into them very specifically. She can even tell me how I am sitting in may car by the way my arms sit...amazing! If you have issues and need a deep tissue clean-up, I can only say that you need to get "Siannan-ized"!
-Fred Phillips
San Francisco

I signed up for a special deal on Amazon for $37 for a hour massage, "what a deal". Hernan Goldstein performed my massage, and I must say he gave me one of the best massages I ever received from a male masseur. The advertisement was for a Swedish massage, however he performed a deep tissue/Swedish massage that was out of this world.

The lobby to his and Siannan's office is very different than the spas that I have visited in the past, plus not having the pleasure of meeting him prior to my appointment (which for some may have left some women feeling awkward), but don't let that fool you, once I got on the table, Hernan started the massage, he was fabulous, gentle and was very professional. I highly recommend Hernan to anyone looking for a great therapeutic massage. He asked why I needed a massage and he truly listened, and worked on my problem spots thoroughly. I can't wait to make my second appointment, and I would also love to have Siannan work on me as well.

I would give more than 5 stars if I could.
Jo L.

There is nothing better than a great massage. That's what I found in my session with Hernan. He listened to my needs and helped me come up with a plan of attack, both in my sessions and at home. I've never known a masseuse to be so committed to their clients well-being. In just a few sessions we have addressed issues I have had for so long I can't even remember when they started. Thank you Hernan, looking forward to our next session.
Thank you Hernán!
Ashley M.